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The Amazing New Ultra Micro 3-layer Co-ex Film and Sheet Line

Whats New From Millmerran

Complementing the existing range of co-extrusion cast film lines, Labtech Engineering presents the world’s smallest co-ex chill roll line of its kind.

The line features two conical extruders that can use regular plastic pellet sizes due to the 18mm diameter infeed gradually reducing to 8mm at the screw tip.  The section feed block divides the flow into layers A+B+A and ensures an even thickness which is regulated by the extruder speeds, driven by infinitely variable speed servo motors.  The flat die is a coat hanger type with adjustment screws so that the lip gap can be set from 0.1mm to 0.3mm.

The three rolls in the rolling stack are double walled for internal heating and cooling, and connected to a built-in water tank with circulating pump.  The sub-cabinet contains the custom-built tank which, due to its size, can be used for several hours without the need for an external supply of cold water.  The sub-cabinet also contains all the electrical components which comply fully with CE and other safety standards.

All the functions on the Ultra Micro co-ex chill roll line are controlled with a touch-screen computer with clear and easy to understand graphics. 

Millmerran Research and Manufacturing Ltd is the exclusive UK agent for the Labtech range of laboratory processing equipment.  These machines are based on over 30 years experience and are built with a modern and pleasing design and a multitude of advanced features and safety standards in accordance with CE and other international norms, and every machine has the design, build quality and finish that have become recognised as the Labtech hallmark.   To download the full press release, please click the link  Ultra Micro cast film line