Millmerran Research and Manufacturing

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Extrusion Expertise

Millmerran has specialist design and manufacturing capability in the thermoplastic and silicone rubber extrusion field, particularly in dual-hardness or twin colour co-extrusions. The processing of specialist materials such as engineering polymers, including fluoro-compounds, together with light diffusing and luminescent profiles is also second nature to our highly experienced staff members.

General purpose domestic & commercial extrusions

Tubes and profiles in a wide range of polymer, both rigid and flexible, including PVC, PP, ABS, PA (Nylon), POM (Acetal), EVA etc plus elastomers such as Polyurethane, SBS, Pebax etc.

Intumescent fireseals & smokeseals

If fire resistance and/or smoke-sealing is required, then Millmerran will have the answer. With access to all the major sources of commercial intumescent materials, and even manufacturing bespoke intumescent compounds ourselves, our knowledge and capability is unrivalled.

Architectural acoustic seals

High performance sealing systems are available off-the-shelf or designed and manufactured to order, particularly for architectural door assemblies.

Sheet extrusion

Extensive investment in dedicated extrusion machinery and tooling enables Millmerran to offer sheet and film materials for many different applications. Available from 50mm up to 900mm wide, fire resistant intumescent sheets and high performance sound barrier laminate are a speciality.

High performance fluoro-polymer tubes and profiles

With outstanding resistance to most chemicals & solvents, coupled with high temperature resistance, fluoropolymers are the materials of choice in demanding environments. Millmerran’s expertise extends across a wide spectrum of fluoropolymers such as PFA, FEP and PVDF.

Light diffusion profiles

Creating diffused continuous lighting effects from bright LED lamp strip sources.

Luminescent profiles

Using our own specialist photo-luminescent materials, Millmerran offers products that retain their after-glow characteristics for up to 8-hours.