Millmerran Research and Manufacturing

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Consultancy Services

Millmerran has immense talent and hands-on experience at its disposal, particularly in the realms of precision profiles and sheet extrusion. This is coupled with extensive knowledge of polymer materials, compounding, and tooling design for either single or multiple durometer processing. This wide-ranging capability in the extrusion field enables a very comprehensive service to be offered, all under conditions of strict confidentiality, of course.

New product design and process development work embraces everything from concept up to and including pilot scale production runs. In-house expertise can be brought to bear on practically any stage of a given project. Trouble-shooting on existing projects at a client’s own premises is additionally undertaken.

Bespoke materials development also forms a significant part of the company activity, with compounding facilities available to undertake anything from a few kilos to a few tonnes of specialized formulations. Numerous polymer bases, fillers, processing aids and specialist additives can be accommodated for a diverse range of applications.

Effectively, we can do any particular part of an extrusion or compounding undertaking for you or indeed manage the whole project – alternatively, you will be welcome to engage in your own development with our secure facilities at your disposal.

* Product design and development

  • Concept options – single / twin / triple co-extrusions
  • Feasibility studies, project analysis
  • Intellectual property
  • Materials evaluation and selection
  • Tooling design and manufacture
  • Prototypes, samples, model-making
  • Experimental and pilot scale production

* Process development

  • Concept options
  • Machine design – standard or special purpose
  • Screw geometry recommendations
  • Commissioning
  • Optimization
  • Trouble shooting

* Materials development

  • Performance expectations and evaluation
  • Polymer / elastomer advice and recommendations
  • Bespoke formulation and properties enhancement
  • Small batch compounding and pelletizing
  • Processing trials – sheet, tube, or profile

* Commercial and technical report writing; presentations; CPD; etc